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The Full moon in Aquarius 2022 | I don'T take anything personally !!!

On August 11, 2022by therapy0

Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Aquarius it takes place on the 12th of march 2022, 04:36 gmt.

This lunație, we invite you to embrace our authenticity at the level of the individual, and at the global level, to become more and more aware of the need for the healing of the society in which we live.

The phase of the The Full moon in the the zodiac sign of Aquarius it has a place with the the closing of the Portal of the Lionwhat was it that opened in the period between 26 July and 12 august. Therefore, all the energy of the vibration frequency is very high-they come to us, with the conclusion of this period, the magic.

Which is why we've designed all this time it was incorporated, recorded, and it is set to consist of in our lives. So, I hope that you have designed the questions are positive and beneficial for both you and the people around you.

The Zodiac Sign Of Aquarius it is one of the most complex sign of the zodiac, as well as one of the most misunderstood.

It's hard to keep up with a native, because it has the ability to predict, he is a man of vision, and then you can become a mall the people around him.

And of course, it features a two-octave range for each sign of the zodiac, i.e., the higher the quality of it and the bottom of the lesson to be learned.

In the upper Age of aquarius this is a humanitarian sure, this is the savior of the planet, he's unselfish, always open to learn something new, to grow, empathetic, genuine, cheerful, extremely quick-witted, ambitious, tenacious, and love freedom in all of its forms, friendly, loyal, creative, logical, honest, creative, cute, funny, and, with a playful spirit to be envied.

In contrast, in the bottom this is a self-centered, selfish, self-centered, a rebel without a cause, detached from the reality of daily life, always looking for a conflict, arguments, unresolved, lazy, irresponsible, immature, inadequate, lonely, dull in thought patterns, bad-tempered, vicious.

Therefore,the the phase of the The Full moon in the the zodiac sign of Aquarius it will bring out those traits more than a little uncomfortable from the us, to recognize, to acknowledge, that, in the end, we manage to free ourselves from them.


What is a Full Moon in the Aquarius?


Age of aquariusrepresents the collective, the community, peer groups – this includes all men in a given society, as well as to the rules, guidelines, and structures to them.

Age of aquarius we guide the rules of the society, together with the definitions of the terminology of our collective action, such as success, strength, and freedom.

Also, the influence of the dynamics of the group, including the way in which we treat each other, who is leading the team, and, even more importantly, who is changing the rules that govern us all.

Age of aquarius it governs the collective consciousness, which represents the thoughts of the common parts of a company.
We can see the energy of the The age of aquarius as a massive cloud of beliefs, opinions, and the power of the company.


In the meantime, what Age of aquarius it governs everything that has to do with the company, he is also governing the behavior of a rebel and a sense of individuality.

Here Age of aquarius it gets a bit more complex. On the one hand,the the energy of age of Aquarius it helps us to gather together in order to form the social structure. On the other hand, it also helps to break down the structure of the society, by the acts of rebels who challenging the status quo.

In order to align with these energies, seemingly the opposite of The age of aquarius, we need to charge the energy of the zodiac sign that the cycle is continuously evolving.

Age of aquarius it helps us to form it, to destroy it, and to reform society. Thrust us forward, helping us to challenge what doesn't serve humanity at this point in time.

We are ready to develop as a human being. This is one of the primary reasons for all of the archetypes of behavior.

There is no change, and without the people who are asking for change, the company is stagnant.

The Vibration Of The Age Of Aquarius it helps us to form a group, the band, and then he helps us to find our way back into the group.

Those of you who are evolving beyond that of the collective continue to challenge them and to all the others. The rebels and those who break the rules, they are the ones who ultimately change a society.

The people who get the chance to be what they are, regardless of whether or not they are accepted by the collective model of the way in which they live, and the other people around them.

They are the ones who take risks, and people who can't see a better future for themselves.

So, while I was Age of aquarius it helps us to form a company, we are also helping to destroy it and rebuild it.

The power to bring out our understanding of who we are and who we are in a group, and what kind of change needs to happen so that everyone in the group to feel that the company offers to the creation needs.

Age of aquarius it reminds us that we are all connected and that we all breathe the same air. We are all part of the same network, the energy, and we are all influenced by the collective consciousness.

Also, we all have a responsibility to contribute to the protection and advancement of humanity.

It's part of the collective that can be seen and heard. It shows up in advertisements, and in statements made by politicians, and in the context of social networks. It is a vibration, and we can connect you to the frequency of them. The collective this is the power grid interconnected world in which we live, and the this is your energy it's for the best be understood by the light of the age of Aquarius.


What needs to be taken into account for the duration of the Full Moon in the Aquarius?


Through the understanding of the sign in which it takes place Full Moonwe can now turn our attention to the qualities and energies will be amplified by the light of her own.

To Month by highlighting these vibrations, we can see it more easily, we can change them if needed, or you can feed it so that it becomes bigger.

At the time of the Full Moon in the Aquarius, you become very aware of how you are being influenced by society.

How you've been programmed by the world around you.

The formation of a social come in many shapes and forms. We learn it from our parents, of education, and to the colleagues, mentors, and partners.

Many of our lessons are intentional, as a lot of the people that we are teaching, but a lot of them aren't.

In the early stages of our early stages of development, we're like little sponges. Soak up the environment around us, and we'll take my habits, behaviors, and responses, conditional on that, we come to our own, and in the end we find this in the wrong way.

It is beneficial to have this phase of the The Full moon in the Aquarius let us help you find the freedom of the individual in the group.

Here are a few of the questions which might be necessary for you to ask yourself during this time:

  • What it is necessary to give in order for you to find your own truth?
  • What are the beliefs, principles, and paradigms, which do not belong to you, but you were created?
  • How do you really feel, and what you'd like to share with the people around you?

You know that it's okay to change and to grow.

Also, do you know that not everyone is going to feel comfortable with the new version?! However, the thing that matters most of all is that you can feel comfortable, fulfilled, and peaceful energy of your own.


The Full moon in the Aquarius the Sun and the Leo


In the meantime, what The Full moon's light the zodiac sign of Aquarius, Sun it is located in his home, the sign of the Lion.

Age of aquarius and The lion they are both concerned with the definition of our individuality. Both of them encourage us to know who we are, accepting who we are and to be real in any situation.

Both of these zodiac signs. it inspires us to give up to the expectations that we create in relation to the rest of us can rise above the fear of rejection, and to align with the essence of our own.

The lion it focuses on the way in which we can celebrate their uniqueness and the way in which it is necessary for us to love ourselves unconditionally.

Age of aquarius it focuses on the ways in which we can celebrate our uniqueness and that of other people, with the understanding that we are living in a community.

Therefore,the The lion it helps us to find an expression of the self, and gives us a chance to drive on the other by the voice of the and Age of aquarius it teaches us that we have the power to contribute to the development of the society in which we live, when we express our inner truth.


When you work with the the energies of the Lion's denas with most of the The age of aquariuswe can honor each other as individuals, and that we can learn from a different point of view.

During this phase of the The Full moon in the Aquariusalign yourself with the energy of the Lion's share for you to make you feel real within you as well as for the group, the community of which you are a party, as it is what guides us the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Do you work with this energy in order to break free from the any of the social programming that requires you to stay within the status quo.

In contrast, the acordăți you the freedom to stay in the truth and to share that with the people around you.

It is Important to remain confident in yourself, and be aligned with your integrity. When you are in the world, with the energy, the confidence, and the integrity of the people are listening to, the company listens to you, and so you end up changing it bit by bit, the world.

It is important, however, to come back again and again to the vibration of love. You are going to help you out in the darkest of times, and it will lead you to the center of the heart. Even when you don't know what you're doing, your heart will tell you what is right for you.

Concluzia articolului
The conclusion of the article

At the time of the phase of a Full Moon in the the zodiac sign of Aquarius in the august 11, 2022, do you feel that you, as an individual, you can shape the world in which you live.

Each and every one of us contribute something unique to the group of which we are a part of it.
The axis of the AquariusLeo it's the HEART and that's why we need to understand that we are all special, extraordinary, and unique.

When we realize this, we are creating a collective loaded, with the highest vibration: the unconditional love for everyone and everything around us!


Hope you all Enjoy all of it's energy!




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