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Aquarius Features

20 JAN - 18 FEB

Aquarius Features

20 JAN - 18 FEB
Zodia Vărsător, foto @cleanpng.com

Aquarius – independence, freedom, evolution, progress, reciprocity, original

You are the eleventh zodiac sign in the zodiac and you are part of the fixed signs, along with TAURUS, LION and SCORPIO.

The symbol associated with the Aquarius sign – the two parallel waves –  represents the connection between the physical and the metaphysical plane, the electric and magnetic waves, the cerebral and mental waves, intuition and telepathy.

The second symbol associated with the sign of Aquarius is the one represented by a human being who carries in his arms a jug from which the water flows, that is, the waves of the water of knowledge flowing towards humanity.


What this means?


It means that you have the grace to complete what you start, to fix, to give consistency and shape. You are persevering and you don’t fight like that with one, with two, when you propose something.

Basically, you manage to channel your intellectual resources with great mastery towards the future, in order to add a touch of innovation in everything you undertake.

The verb that characterizes you is „I KNOW„, thinking being your best friend. You evaluate what is around you through the „true or false” principle.

Aquarius and knowledge
Aquarius and knowledge, photo @jing.fm


What is your way of being?



Most of the time you feel misunderstood, don’t you? It’s perfectly normal, you’re just the all-knowing zodiac and that’s no small thing. You are the cosmos, you are the universal, the original and the future alike.

You also represent the physical and the metaphysical. You have the „water of knowledge” that you offer to those around you. You are the convinced altruist, you fight for noble causes, you do not remain insensitive to those in need, you defend the helpless and you hate injustice. You draw those around you to progress, to evolution, and you show brilliant intelligence.

Your activities have spiritual motivations, because you hate constraints of any kind, so you always take things to the next level.

It is a pleasure for you to get involved in volunteer activities, charities or research projects.

It is also very beneficial for you, Aquarius, to pay attention to how you manage all these energies, because if you are not well organized, in all your tumult of activities you will end up feeling overworked, which can cause nervous breakdowns and you can become choleric.

The conclusion? Get structured in everything you do. It’s great to be able to do 5 things at once and well, as you do, but at the moment you can’t be in several places at the same time, although I’m sure you’ll be the first to discover and test a revolutionary method for this existential problem 😉 .


What planets are watching over you?


Aquarius is one of the privileged signs, being guarded by two planets. Specifically, you are ruled by Saturn and co-ruled by Uranus.

This is because, in antiquity, only 7 planets were used, respectively the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

Aquarius Governor
Aquarius Governor, photo @vectorstock.com

Co-governor of Aquarius
Co-governor of Aquarius, photo @vectorstock.com

From the 18th century until the 20th century, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the transsaturnian planets, were unknown. Therefore, these planets were also integrated into the astrological system, being assigned to certain signs depending on the vibrations perceived by them.


What this means?


It means that you can harmoniously combine a whole set of tools provided by these two very powerful planets.

When you feel that you are getting involved in too many things, it is good to use the organization, structure, weighting and resistance offered by Saturn. It is good to use the patience, responsibility, ambition and wisdom of this ancient planet.

Tenacity, the ability to accept the changes and novelties in your life, freedom, extroversion, originality, inventiveness are strong traits given by Uranus, traits that can easily contradict the calculated traits provided by Saturn.

The idea is to find a balance and enjoy the fact that you benefit from such a wide range from which you can choose what works best for you.

Astrogram analysis | natal chart
Astrogram analysis | natal chart



Aquarius and love
Aquarius and love, photo @kudika.ro

Aquarius Lady

Dear Mrs. Aquarius, you have a great need for independence and freedom, therefore you feel comfortable in the position of friend, friend, beloved at most, although even there it takes a big dose of friendship in the middle for you to you can feel at ease. The idea of ​​marriage generates a cold shiver down your spine.

That’s because you advocate for equality, and when I say equality, I don’t mean that women are identical to men, but that both sexes have equal development rights. And as we still live reminiscent of the times when the woman was oppressed, then it is easy to understand, especially for an Aquarius why this institution causes side effects. 😊.

Because you are a modern, independent woman, your metallicity is progressive, and the outdated concept of „a woman’s place in the kitchen” is completely incompatible with your way of being.

Due to the clever nature, it is clear that you know very well how to perform exemplary household chores, even better than women who live for such a thing, but your life does not revolve around these things, you have more important issues to solve.

Sure, when you meet the right man you are a complete woman, but even so your space and freedom are vital, so you will choose to be complete only if he also understands your needs.

You work great in a reciprocity system. You are very fair and serious in everything you do, but you urgently need these things to be rewarded with respect for your needs.

It is very clear that you are not a traditional woman, and this is not a bad thing for a sufficiently evolved man, on the contrary, you will be salt and pepper and you will give a deep meaning to his existence and the relationship between you.

You are alive, you are full of color, you are authentic, original, honest, playful, fresh, brilliant, but if your limits are violated, then those around you will bear the consequences with a tip and thick.

You can’t stand anything imposed. Everything must come bundled with logical and plausible arguments. You do not operate well in a totalitarian, dictatorial or too conservative way.

All of these are limitations that have nothing to do with the openness you are endowed with.

You are part of the evolved people, and whoever fails to keep up with you, will be far behind.

This „naivety” of yours, which comes from the high dose of innocence with which you are born, is indicated not to be confused by those around you with naivety, sister with the lack of mature judgment, so to speak. In this case, both the partner and those close to him will risk being kept at a distance.


You have a very big soul, but you also have a high-performance filter, which tells you who deserves to enter and who should stay at the door.

You really love conversations on philosophical, scientific, SF, astrological, astronomical, psychological, religious, mystical, taboo topics, practically any subject that stimulates your synapses, imagination and curiosity.




Your qualities as a mother are also progressive. You are not part of that category that offers children suffocating love, on the contrary you will always seek to give them freedom and teach them to be independent.

You will be an affectionate, modern, open-minded, eternally documented mother, who will always have something new for the little ones in terms of learning, attentive, caring, involved and who will be their best friend.

You will always know how to listen to children’s needs and you will know how to guide them so that they make the most appropriate decisions for them.

Aquarius woman and love
Aquarius woman and love


Aquarius man


As for you, Aquarius, you perceive the idea of ​​marriage as a whole hassle. That’s because, just thinking about the complexity of organizing the event, the enormous time allotted to the details, the lists over the lists, the money spent, takes you by surprise.

In your perception, the wedding is something much more intimate, an event where dear and close people are strictly invited, the location is unique, and the atmosphere is detached and relaxed.


Otherwise, you will clearly consider that all this time is wasted. You will not be able to assign a consistent value to it, because for you it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality, just as in the case of Mrs. Aquarius.

Rather than running after all sorts of unnecessary items, after long to-do lists, you’d better save 50 abandoned animals, or go volunteer at a nursing home or orphanage, or get involved. up to date with the latest research information … and the list goes on.

Another aspect that you need to clarify before taking the big step is, as in the case of Mrs. Aquarius, the clear establishment of the limits of your space and time in relation to your partner.

Also, in your case you need an advanced partner, but anyway women are more mature and more tolerant from these points of view, so in your case things are simpler.

So, stop thinking about the time spent with your partner as something difficult, because you will be able to divide honorably between all your humanitarian and intellectual activities and the activities and precious moments spent in the family.

Aquarius man and love
Aquarius man and love: Photo @ swanseabodykinetics.co.uk

As I told you above, you can use the features provided by the planet Saturn, to calm down and understand that there is absolutely nothing tragic in the fact that you can unite your destiny with someone.

Even though you are independent of the zodiac, this does not mean that you have to live alone until old age. There are really people in this world who can understand and love you precisely for your unique way of being, without intending to change you.

It’s good that you want to see your best friend in the partner next to you, but for a more spicy relationship you need to get a little more involved, especially since you don’t lack inventiveness, creativity and originality.

Put these features to the test to create a varied and spicy atmosphere.


Aquarius Man as a father


As a father … in fact, you will be able to be more the older brother of your child, because you have an extremely developed sense of play and you will speak practically the same language as the little one.

It is possible to become a father in adulthood, because until then you are busy with the existential problems of mankind, but once you become a parent you will be devoted, involved, attentive, responsible, loving and very caring.

Unlike the Aquarius lady, who keeps her cold blood better, you in crisis situations may become a little anxious, for fear that the little one will not suffer something.

The conclusion:


It is important for you Aquarius – whether it is the feminine or the masculine side of this sign – to orient yourself towards an understanding, emotionally evolved partner who can understand your need to have your space to function. optimal in the long run.


Aquarius and the need for personal space
Aquarius and the need for personal space, photo @pinterest.com

It is very clear that no one around you is bored. But be careful! Don’t confuse friendship with love. One and one, high and high! If you have a friend with whom you are on the same wavelength in terms of ideas, it does not necessarily mean that you are in love.

If your partner understands your desire for freedom of movement and expression, will give you the space you need so much to recharge and recharge your batteries, he will surely discover in you a hopeful man with a noble soul, loyal, cheerful, playful, original, funny, witty, resourceful and daring with whom he will never get bored, neither emotionally nor intellectually and in no case intimately, where you show inexhaustible resources of imagination .

It is good to know that, although you may seem extroverted to those around you, well, personally you can show a lot of internalization of feelings, and you can become very distant and cold when you are hurt.

Communication as a couple will do you a lot of good, although it is not something that comes naturally to you, through exercise you will be able to polish this feature.

Of course, you need a more communicative partner than you on this level, which will provide a safe ground for you to step on your way to externalizing feelings.

With patience and good will this issue will be resolved, and then the relationship will certainly be taken to a new level by you, because your goal is to evolve and do things at a high spiritual level, so if you overcome this impediment you definitely have the fabric of an ideal partner.


Aquarius and love
Aquarius and love, photo @sayingimages. com

Compatibility analysis
Compatibility analysis




Aquarius – complexity and confusion?

As I told you about the features that define you, by your nature you are an independent person, which means that you will always fight to be on your feet and financially. However, you will not do it just for the sake of salary – as long as you have your own income – but you will not give up until you find what you really like to do.

It may take a while to really find out what your path is, and that’s because you are versatile and like to get involved in as many new activities as possible, because you learn very easily things from diverse and complex fields, and this can be a trap.

This can be confusing to you at some point and you will be asked questions such as:

  • What am I really good at?
  • What defines me best?
  • What would I like to do most of the 10 activities I already do and love equally?
  • What is my vocation? I certainly have a precise purpose in this existence! But who is he?

Hard, isn’t it?😊

Multitasking Aquarius
Multitasking Aquarius, photo @blogs.nature .com

Hard, but not impossible!


Certainly, many of the things you have learned and done will remain dear to your soul, but it is good to make a little order in this drawer, to wipe the dust, to put things in categories, to take a sincere look. everywhere you did and listen to your inner voice in choosing your path.

Sounds slightly fancy? No way!

Believe me when I tell you it works, I am proof of that.

I will list a few areas in which you can definitely excel. But don’t forget that the most honest answer is always with you.

There are many different fields in which an Aquarius can be found, starting from trades that involve exact sciences such as:

  • IT
  • technician
  • electronics engineer
  • pilot
  • professor
  • researcher
  • neurologist
  • inventor.

Up to activities involving the bohemian, artistic side of Aquarius natives, such as:

  • DJ
  • musician
  • painter
  • designer
  • photographer
  • actor
  • poet.

But especially in professions that involve more the metaphysical side, such as:

  • astrologer
  • psychologist
  • writer (most likely on the SF side).

Aquarius and SF reading
Aquarius and SF reading: photo @marswillsendnomore.wordpress.com

However, I would not like to forget your altruistic side, therefore, the areas in which you will have an important role in helping others suit you very well:

  • from the social worker
  • to veterinarian
  • to social activist
  • or activist in international organizations.

Beyond discovering your career, don’t forget that it will help you a lot to get involved in charity and volunteering in your free time. Thus, you will combine very nicely all your important sides.


Vocational analysis
What is your purpose?




Anatomically Aquarius

The anatomical parts assigned to the Aquarius from a medical point of view are:

  • calves
  • ankles
  • the heel and the corresponding tendon (the so-called Achilles’ heel)
  • peripheral blood circulation
  • sympathetic nervous system.

These are the parts of the body that can show a predisposition to possible problems over time. This does not mean that it is mandatory to have such situations.

Aquarius and Achilles' heel
Aquarius and Achilles’ heel, photo @cleanpng.com

Aquarius and the feet area



If you practice sports, it is good to save the area of ​​the legs, to do exercises correctly, so as not to force your joints. It is also good to pay attention to the way you walk in order to correct a possible wrong posture. However, the movement is indicated and extremely healthy regardless of the sign.


Aquarius and peripheral blood circulation


For optimal peripheral circulation, it is good to take care of your diet, in addition to sports. So, you can eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, but also watermelon, pumpkin seeds, ginger or you can season the food with turmeric. All this helps to maintain optimal peripheral blood circulation.

Aquarius and healthy eating
Aquarius and healthy eating, foto @wellnessnb.ca

Aquarius and the sympathetic nervous system


It is good to know about the sympathetic nervous system that it is responsible for the so-called fight or flight reaction, ie the reaction of flight or fight in case of danger.

As the mind of an Aquarius is in a constant turmoil, it is easy to understand that in time, if this neural motor skills, so to speak, is not properly managed and treated with the utmost seriousness can lead to severe depression, neurosis or encephalitis.

As the mind of an Aquarius is in a constant turmoil, it is easy to understand that in time, if this neural motor skills, so to speak, is not properly managed and treated with the utmost seriousness can lead to severe depression, neurosis or encephalitis.

Due to this hyperactivity of the brain, many of Aquarius may end up with insomnia as they get older.

Basically we can be divided into two categories, those who can easily reach treatments for nervous exhaustion, or those who can be part of the elite, because Aquarius is present in a very large share in groups of this kind. It all depends on the lifestyle chosen.

It is essential for you to have an active mind, but it is equally important to alternate this activity with moments of rest, walks or yoga sessions outdoors, rollerblading or cycling. Also, winter is very beneficial for you to skate or ski, after all this is your season, isn’t it ?! 😉


Aquarius and relaxation
Aquarius and relaxation, foto @balancebec.com





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